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The School regards education as an integral formation of human persona for the fullfillment of her/his individual and socail responsibilities hence special efforts are being made to help the students.

  • To become mature,spritually oriented women/men of character.

  • To value and judiciously use their freedom.

  • To make the right choices and take the right decision when faced with conflicting situations.

  • To be selfish in the service if thier felow human beings and to become agents of needed social transformation.

  • To achieve academic excellence.

  • To help them to acquire the right scientific temperature altitude and competence enabling them to respond to the needs and challenges of the modern world.

  • To bild awareness among then of the present day social condations and to challenge then to play positive and creative role in the builiding up of the nation.

  • To foster respect for other religions.

  • To encourage participation and team spirit.

  • To inculcate respect for life and love for nature by caring for the earth and enciroment.