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Founder Message

"S.S.BAJWA MODERN ACADEMY"is my dream in remote town Barhapur,where there were no English medium school and the children have to go for better education.I always felt my social responsibility to provide an opportunity of good schooling to the poor and deprived village children of this area.where people are hardworking,honest and peace loving but thier children are deprived from good education.In my openion it's the best way to repay the moral and social debts of the people of Barapur area by providing good education to thier children.

As we know ,education is only tool which changes the not only the life of a person but also our society and nation.Our movtive is to make students a good citizien by providing them good moralatic and useful education for thier life and future .Because this generation is the future of our nation.

I hope that we will be able to achive our dream in future by the co-operation of all parents,teachers and students to face the great task of builiding the good future of our students.

(Mr. Surjit Singh Bajwa)